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How-to Arena Sessions

Here is a taster of some of the planned sessions for the How-to Arena. Full programme coming soon!

Please note that these sessions may be subject to change.

How to get your product accepted by the Community Equipment Providers and into their catalogues

If you have a product that you think should be part of the range offered as part of the community equipment contracts, but are not sure how to go about getting it listed in the catalogues of the major providers, then this session is for you. Hear from the companies that are running the contracts about what they are looking for and how you can get access to a substantial marketplace.

How to get a slice of the ‘signposting market’ – working with the companies that can bring you customers

Think that because you are a local retailer, you can’t win business in the Community Equipment marketplace? Think again. More and more, customers are being ‘signposted’ to a trusted supplier and if you are on the list, then it could generate a seriously useful source of retail business. Hear from the companies running the contracts about what retailers need to do to get involved.

How to use words, images and videos to get a customers' attention

Good, effective marketing doesn't need to be expensive. By using words and images in the right way online and offline, any business, from the smallest retailer to the largest multinational, can get in front of customers without spending an arm and leg. Learn how.

How to make sure that your retail business is still around to celebrate its 10th, 25th or even 50th anniversary.

What do you need to be doing to make sure your retail business is strong enough, competitive enough and resilient enough to still be around in the years ahead? Hear the views of retailers who are determined to see their businesses grow in the future.

How to communicate effectively with all your customers, no matter what age they are

If you are good at what you do, these days you could keep a customer for 20, 30 or even 40 years. This session will explain how to engage with customers at an earlier stage than is traditionally the case within the mobility/independent living sector.  Learn how you can market & communicate with all your potential customer groups, including sons and daughters as well as end users themselves; understand what their key needs might be and discover how you can build long-lasting relationships through smarter communications.​

How to turn your customers into your sales people and generate new business at very little cost

Why would you pay £100’s for a sales lead when you can generate them for almost nothing? By following some very simple steps, you can produce sales enquiries by building a big salesforce using one of your most important assets – your customer base. Find out how happy customers can help you grow your business, using real examples from the industry.

How to look after a customer so that they keep coming back

The easiest way to build your business is to sell more to your existing customers, but how do you make sure that they want to buy more from you in the future. How do you keep hold of a customer once you have spent the time and money getting them in the first place and what are the essential things you need to do to create and maintain customer loyalty? You learn them in this session.

How to get the most out of social media and make it work for your business

Whether you are using Social Media every day or you are just thinking about whether it could help you grow your business, in this session you’ll discover how you can use it to generate new leads and connect to your existing customers without spending a great deal.

How to recruit top people to your team

When you are looking to add to your team, how do you decide which people to interview? What are the key questions you should be asking and what clues should you be looking for during an interview? This session is presented by someone who specialises in recruiting in our industry.

How to know how good or bad your marketing is in just 30 minutes

In just 30 minutes you’ll get a very good idea about whether you are really on the ball when it comes to marketing your business, or whether you are missing out on some very simple, low cost but very effective ways to promote and sell.

The session is full of interesting, challenging and even scary questions designed to get you thinking about what you are doing right now and what you could do in the future.

Why not take the challenge and see how your business scores - it could be a real eye-opener!

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